Frequently Asked Questions

The merchandising tag on my garment indicates a “Generation Number,” what is this?

The generation number corresponds directly to which batch the garment was manufactured in. We keep track of how big each batch is, so one could follow up on the website to see how many pounds of textiles had been saved up to the point of their garment’s creation. The weight of the generations that is currently recorded does not include the weight of all the scraps (which we do not dispose of).

Since Muffinhead uses recycled textiles, how will I know what my garment is made out of?

When you purchase a Muffinhead dog jacket, the merchandising tag will list what your specific jacket is made out of.

How will I know what my Muffinhead jacket should be used for?

Well, because each Muffinhead merchandising tag includes information on what we used to make your unique dog jacket (as well as a personal message from us and the generation number of the garment), you can use that information to determine the functionality of the dog jacket. For example, we have many jackets that are made from recycled sleeping bags, which probably aren’t rainproof, but they will most certainly help keep your muffinhead warm.

What kinds of textiles are Muffinhead jackets typically made from?

We are fairly experimental with what kinds of textiles we choose to repurpose, and for that reason, some materials may not exactly work (and if that’s the case, please contact us for a new jacket). Typically we use textiles that range from jackets, blankets, pants, sleeping bags, different kinds of tarps, discarded bolts of fabric, bags, pillow cases, upholstery, curtains, shower curtains, etc. There isn’t much we won’t try out, if it seems sturdy and fairly cool – After all, it’s all essentially in the name of having a unique jacket that no one else’s dog will have AND sparing these items from a landfill.

Explain the “Local” aspect of Muffinhead.

One of Muffinhead’s major focuses is supporting local businesses, people, etc., as well as encouraging others to support their own local businesses. Supporting local helps your own local economy whether you live in Seattle, Washington or Old Orchard Beach, Maine. 

Our focus on “local” goes beyond just where the jackets are made (which is in Portland, OR).  Every part of Muffinhead has been sourced in the United States, with much of it being sourced right in the Greater Portland area. From the merchandising tags, to our business cards, to our stickers, to this website that you are viewing right now.

We appreciate the support that our own local businesses have shown us- -and we would like to repay them by supporting them right back!

Are the jackets machine washable?

Yes, the jackets are machine washable, but because they are made with an array of materials, we recommend washing them with cold water, no bleach, no ironing, and to hang dry them. This doesn’t mean that the garments are weak, or aren’t well made — it’s more of a caution to ensure that you get the most out of your Muffinhead jacket.

Can dogs who wear harnesses wear a Muffinhead jacket?

Of course! After much deliberation on whether to include a button hole in the jacket to accomodate a harness or not, we decided not to include one for the purposes of leaving that up to the Muffinhead jacket owner. There are so many different kinds of harnesses and different-shaped dogs that we thought it best to advise people who use harnesses to take their Muffinhead jacket to their local tailor or dry-cleaner and have them add a customized buttonhole for a very nominal cost ($5-$10).
The other option is that you could always put the harness over the jacket.

How much are Muffinhead jackets?

Muffinhead jackets cost between $58-$84.

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