How Much Fabric Has Muffinhead Reused?

On each Muffinhead merchandising tag, there is a space for “generation number” and this refers to how many pounds of textiles that Muffinhead jackets have helped spare from landfills up to the point that your jacket was made.

  • Generation 1 was comprised of the Muffinhead pioneer jackets, and included 7 jackets (2 lbs) and 2 large bags of scraps (15lbs), which were donated to a gal who makes quilts for a local domestic violence shelter.
  • Generation 2: 105 jackets totaling 29 lbs. it doesn’t sound like much, but 105 dog jackets is quite bulky! *This does not include the scraps
  • Generation 3: 21 lbs *This does not include the scraps
  • Generation 4: 10lbs *This does not include scraps

Where do the scraps go?
Good question! Muffinhead is really diligent about not disposing of any scraps. Some of the larger scraps have been used to re-volumize dog beds, some have been donated to sewing classes for schools, and some have been used to make donated quilts for the Vancouver Women’s Domestic Violence Shelter via the kind people who make the quilts.
We have been working on developing a few ideas for a permanent use for our scraps- -more to come on that!!!

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