The Muffinhead Doggy Tales

Each of these dogs has played a special part in our lives and in the inspiration behind Muffinhead, that we thought we ought to pay appropriate homage by naming the corresponding sizes after them.

More than 5 years ago someone basically left Xavier at my house. He is the first dog that I’ve ever owned by myself and he’s become an indispensible part of my life, my best friend, my adventure buddy. I feel fortunate every day that all those years ago someone challenged me to rescue Xavier. I say with full confidence that he was one of my main inspirations for starting Muffinhead.

Baxter is one of two black labrador retrievers owned by my aunt and uncle. When I told my aunt what I wanted to name my company, she responded, “that’s funny, I call Baxter my little sausage muffin man.” It seemed pretty seredipitous.

Here’s what my Aunt had to say about Baxter, “We got Baxter in December of 2003 when we were “just going to look at puppies”!!  He is the complete opposite of our OCD Black Lab Jessie, which is a blessing!  He is the most laid back dog we have ever had; he burps, farts, and snores. He enjoys sleeping on his back on the couch, and  even though he weighs 94 lbs he loves to sleep in our lap in the chair; he is a complete snuggle bug!  His favorite times of the day are breakfast and dinner which he prematurely starts alerting us 2 hours early by making intense eye contact with us.  When we finally give him a “yes, it’s time”…he showes his excitement by jumping up and down and bucking.  He makes our day everyday!”

I adopted Oreo about 3 summers ago when he was one. The mother of the owner was terminally ill and had no time for a puppy. He was born in a litter of four or five, and all the other puppies had found homes except for him. No one was willing to take him in, and their last resort was to euthanize him. A friend of mine told me his story and jokingly asked if I wanted to adopt him. I said I’d rather temporarily keep him and help look for a home for him than have him euthanized, especially at such a young age. So the next afternoon, on a busy, hot and beautiful summer day, I met my friend in the middle of Pioneer Square with a kennel in his hand and Oreo in it. I took him to the nearest park, and I remember that the whole time I was walking I didn’t hear a single peep from him. I set his kennel down and opened the gate with Oreo remaining temporarily shivering and crouched in one corner. After 10 minsutes of trying to coax him out of the kennel, he crawled out and climbed into my lap. Two weeks of getting acquainted came and went, and after that I just really couldn’t get myself to give him away- -so, what started as a temporary thing has lent itself to permanence. He has the calmest, sweetest, friendliest, and most amicable demeanor for a chihuahua. Each day my decision to keep him has been reaffirmed in the joy that he brings to my life.

Chelsea was the first muffinhead that I ever had. After years of begging my parents, they finally relented for my 8th birthday.  I asked my mom for some help describing Chelsea, our little yellow lab, and what she meant.

My mom says, “Chelsea was such a special addition to our family.  She was this chubby little bundle of fur with beautiful webbed feet.  We originally bought her as a birthday present for our daughter’s 8th birthday because she is an only child.  Although she was our daughter’s dog, it didn’t take long for all of us to fall in love with her, especially my husband.  They always had a special bond and really seemed to understand one another.  We were fortunate to have her as a member of our family until she was almost 14 years old and our daughter was a senior in college.  She will always have a special place in our hearts!”

“I got Brimo about three years ago. She quickly became daddy’s little girl. She’s never more than a step behind me. She’s my dinner date, my running partner, and my movie buddy. I wake up every morning to her licking my face and I fall asleep the very same way. She may be man’s best friend, but she’s family to me…”

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