What do we make?

Muffinhead’s products are exclusive to dog jackets. It’s not that we are limited only to make dog jackets, it’s just that we make the best, most unique, stylish, fun, hand-made, recycled, dog jackets out there! The horse-blanket style/shape allows for a lot of sizing flexibility, because we know that there is a wide range of shapes and sizes in which our beloved canine friends come. This style allows for you to adjust the neck and chest straps to best fit YOUR muffinhead!

Each bit of material is hand-picked by us (because it was cool, interesting, functional and sturdy) to be washed, re-used and turned into the perfect jacket for your pooch. As individualistic as you and your dog are – we have a jacket that perfectly expresses that!

Muffinhead jackets were made to keep your muffinhead cozy during the rainy season and warm and precipitation-free in the winter months. Whether you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, New England, etc. – we have a jacket that is suited for you and your muffinhead!

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