Fall 2012 Muffinhead Vintage Fabric Preview

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The end of the August would be a little sadder for me, as I bid the summer farewell, if not for the promise of all of the girthy fashion-tastic “September Issues” of all of my favorite fashion magazines. Who doesn’t love Fall Fashion?! This month, as I was thumbing through Vogue and Elle, I rekindled the inspiration that I derive from the fabrics themselves. With regards to Muffinhead, I realize that for the past two years I’ve sort of cautiously shied away from using some of the more daring (daring for dog jackets) vintage fabrics that I’ve been finding, in lieu of using sturdier solid-color or lightly-patterned shells and linings. I knew the vintage fabrics were special when I saw them, but I was reticent that they may not resonate with the ‘dog crowd,’ but I saved them anyhow. I love their textures, their colors, the great vintage patterns, and all of the invented notions of the life that some of these vintage pieces may have had in their previous incarnation. Well, shy-no-more! They’re coming out in full-force this Fall at Muffinhead!

Also, so as not to offend our vintage enthusiasts (of which I count myself) please allow me to clarify that we aren’t destroying vintage pieces to make dog jackets- -we only consider repurposing vintage pieces that have some unmendable flaws. (If they are flawless, they have a way of finding their way into my own closet.) I’m really excited to see how our customers react to some of the florals that Amy and I will be introducing this upcoming Fall/Winter/Spring.

Here’s a mini preview of some of our favorite fabrics:

Vintage Floral Sheets, and aforementioned floral velour jacket. You can see the reflection of one of our fabric closets in the mirror.

One of the pictured bedsheets has such a GREAT vintage print that it reminds me of wallpaper from the 1960's, like this great retro mural (wallpaper?) on the wall above.

I mourn the loss of this as a jacket, but I'm SO excited to see it as a Muffinhead jacket. It will literally be the only one in the world like it, and there's something to be said for being that unique.

I used this vintage suit tweed in last year's Boutique's Unleashed event in Portland, OR but there is still some left that I'm dying to use.


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