Muffinhead Photo Shoot, Fall 2011

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Last Fall, we decided that it was time for some updated photos of Muffinhead jackets in action, so we enlisted the help of our very talented friend Lenny Gotter to shoot some photos of our friends’ dogs sporting some very cool Muffinhead jackets. Even though I’ve lived in Portland for five years, I had only just recently visited Laurelhurst Park and immediately fell in love, so it seemed like the perfect place (and appropriate weather) to photograph the jackets. Big thanks to Rhoda, Kink and Xavier (and also the humans: Jesse, Holly, Ruby- -and of course, Lenny)! Take a look!

Emily's dog, Xavier


"All the leaves are brown...."

Wardrobe change for Rhoda- -now she's sporty!



It's hard being a model

Who doesn't love plaid!?

Rhoda meets Kink. Kink doesn't know he's small.

There were no treats involved in the making of this pose ;)

Rhoda was pretty excited by a new friend she met
Rhoda doing her sassy stroll

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