Photos from the Halloween Bully Parade

Published on 22. Oct, 2011 by in News


We are always so thrilled to be a part of the Portland Pit Bull Project’s Monthly Bully Walk around Portand, Oregon’s Southwest Waterfront. This past Sunday, it was the perfect autumn day with crisp air, multi-colored leaves on the ground and even the sun made a special appearance (which is no small thing for us in the Pacific Northwest).

I don’t know what the official tally was, but I beleive there were about 60 dogs (of all breeds) walking in the PDX Pitbull Project’s Halloween Parade- -even the local news showed up (thanks again to KOIN 6 for such a nice little segment).

Anyone is welcome to join the Monthly Bully Walk which is the first Sunday of each month at 11 am in Portland’s SW Waterfront (under the Morrison Bridge). It’s a great socializing event, it’s a good mixer for local dog lovers, and it’s a great way to introduce adoptable dogs to potential adopters. I know that many local rescues and shelters typically bring a dog or two each Sunday.

We hope to see you at the next Bully Walk!

Emily & Amy

She's a dainty flower

There were 3 of these adorable little pitties. We thought they looked a bit like manatees.

"I just really love you, Mom!"

The WINNER of the costume contest


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